Ceaseless Six
New CS:GO line-up
After a while ago to said goodbye to our old CS:GO team, Ceaseless Six applied for a new CS:GO team named Enforcers eSports. This line-up has been playing a year in this regard and has developed rapidly to a higher level with fun and dreams.
Esportsfestival 2015 four titles
After a pleasant and exciting weekend at Esportsfestival, Ceaseless Six won four podium places on this offline event: We are very proud of the players who were able to achieve these excellent results. Also we look forward to bring this performance to the next events.
Esportsfestival 2015
Today, we have arrived with Ceasless Six at the Esportsfestival in Ghent at the Ghelamco Arena. This weekend we will compete for the first place in the League of Legends, DOTA 2 and FIFA competitions. Also our jersey has arrived that we will present during this event. Here we want to thank our partner Esportclothing to realize this awesome look.
CS:GO ESEA Intermediate S19
After playing 16 games in the ESEA League Season 18, our CS:GO team finished 4th out of 218 participants in the overall standings. This implies that our CS:GO line-up is promoted for the ESEA Intermediate department. Our CS:GO line-up consists of:
CS:GO participates in CEVO Main
After the promotion in the ESEA League Season 18 from the Open Division to the Intermediate we received an invite from CEVO to participate as CS:GO team in the Main Division. We see this as an opportunity to grow to a higher level and ability to promote as a Professional CS:GO team in the world.
CSIX presents jersey 2015/2016
Finally we are proud to present our jersey for season 2015/2016 which is specially designed by Esportclothing. We will wear this jersey for the first time at Esport Festival which takes place on 3-4-5 July at the Ghelamco Arena in Ghent. Also we want to thank Esportclothing for their partnership and cooperation!