Ceaseless Six
CS:GO DekiTV Tournament
Our CS:GO team participated in a qualifier for the DekiTV online qualifier. Our CS:GO line-up took a spot in the DekiTV Final Tournament by winning the finals against badgers.mix with 2-0 in maps! The date of the DekiTV Final Tournament will be announced as soon as possible!
Champion CS:GO The Party 13
After a long exciting day, our CS:GO line-up Jesse ''k1Nzo'' Kabelaar, Mike ''miKejuu'' Ju, Bram ''Logix'' Breugelmans, Mitchell ''Mitta'' Sattoe and Jordy ''Kobus'' Heijmans achieved the first place at offline event The Party 13 and take the €1150 with 5 Corsair K70 RGB keyboards. We also want to congratulate ECV.MAESTRO and CHRONIC GAMING with the 2nd and 3rd place in the CS:GO competition and wish them every success in the future. But most importantly, we want to thank our sponsors
The Party 13 Eindhoven
Tomorrow will be the offline event The Party 13. This will take place in the Exhibition Centre in Eindhoven. Our CS:GO line-up Jesse ''K1Nzo'' Kabelaar, Mike ''miKejuu'' Ju, Bram ''Logix'' Breugelmans, Mitchell Mitta ''Sattoe'' and Jordy ''Kobus'' Heijmans will participate in this competition where to earn a cash prize of 1,000 euros and hardware. Our organization will be located at DA 26 to DA 33 on the seat map. If you have questions, tips or interests? Feel free to come along.
CSIX announces private game house
We want to announce our own game home sponsored by our head sponsor Ultimate Gaming Experience. Our gaming house is located in the beautiful Zuid-laren in The Netherlands. Here we will spend our time with boot camps and other activities! We want to thank Ultimate Gaming Experience​ very much for this opportunity!
Kobus champion Intel Coolblue LAN 2015
We are very pleased to announce that Kobus player of our CS:GO team became and hes team mate xeoMe the first place in the Intel Cool Blue LAN party with a 2 vs 2 CS:GO tournament and won a prize with a value of 5000 euros. Well played!
CS:GO towards ESEA Intermediate
After playing 16 games in the ESEA League Season 18, our CS:GO team finished 4th out of 218 participants in the overall standings. This implies that our CS:GO line-up is selected for the classification of ESEA Intermediate department. Our CS:GO line-up consists of: