Ceaseless Six

Player Nick 'loconickos010' van der Most

Mar, 06 2016 at 01:07 pm

New FIFA player join the FIFA team. Nick 'loconickos010 "van der Most. We are very happy with the new one knew within Ceaseless Six.

Nick van der Most, an emerging fifa player. And we go hard with him to work to bring him even higher in the Fifa world.

Nick 'loconickos010 "van der Most

Statement by Kyle "Saf" van der Vliet;
We we welcome him to our organization. We're going to have much sense of it.



Statement by Kyle "Saf" van der Vliet;


Statement Kyle ''Saf'' van der Vliet :


Ceaseless Six has a big goal in the eSports. With those promising players we are gonna get to the top of the BeNeLux.
There is going to be mutch training with those boys. We are gonna help them out as a organisation.
That's why we are looking for a coatch/manager for fifa. If you are intressed about the application apply fast trough facebook.

- See more at: http://ceaseless-six.com/news/fifa-players-joinen-csix#sthash.1TXi4xCW.dpuf