Ceaseless Six

Street Fighter V Players joining CSIX

Mar, 28 2016 at 10:31 pm

Big nieuws within Ceaseless Six. We've obtained two new players. They're both playing the great game called Street Fighter V. We're looking forward to see what these players Emanuele 'Charmingrogue' Lo Presti and Tony 'niine90' Cheung are going to achieve.


Management Kyle 'Saf' van der Vliet; Ceaseless Six has been looking for a new game which CSIX could compete in. At The Party 14 I've carefully watched this game and thought it was awesome. I then began to look for players which would suit the title of a CSIX player. I'm proud to announce we've found these two players and discussed everything with them. Ceaseless Six wishes these two new players the best within our team and let's hope for awesome results!